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Danish Riichi Championship 2005

Saturday the 29th of January, Mahjong Denmark will be arranging Open Danish Riichi Championship. Everybody are welcome. We play with our standard rules with a few alterations:
  • We'll be playing eight rounds, the first six after a predetermined plan, the last two after our normal rules of rated matches, ie. the players with the highest score play against each other a.s.o.
  • Every round is played on time; after 50 minutes you can not start a new game, as well as if you finish the round before time. The round wind is allways east, and there'll be played with the normal rules regarding the rotation of east.

Temperary Program

11:00-12:10First round
12:10-13:20Second round
13:50-15:00Third round
15:00-16:10Fourth round
16:10-17:20Fifth round
17:20-18:30Sixth round
19:30-20:40Seventh round
20:40-21:50Eighth round
ca. 22:00Prizes


Registration fee: 50 DKK or 7.
Pre-registration deadline: Monday the 17th of January 2005.
Pre-registration: Via email to: labich@mahjong.dk
Place: Vandrehallen, Mathematical Institute, Aarhus University. See map below.
Defending champion: Henrik Leth.

Opdateret 2004-11-12
Anders Labich