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In Mahjong Denmark we practise two rule sets, MCR and Riichi.

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MCR: Mahjong Competition Rules

The Mahjong Competition rules were published by the World Mahjong Association in September 2006, and are used at European competitions.

These rules, previously known as Official International Rules or Chinese Official rules, were used at the first ever mahjong world championship in Tokyo, 2002, and at the Open European Mahjong Championship in Netherlands 2005.


We play by the riichi rules of the European Mahjong Association.

We play with these special rules:

  • Furiten (Sacred Discard, absolute)
  • Missed Discard, absolute. You can selfdraw, however
  • Dora, Kan Dora, Ura Dora and Kan Ura Dora
  • Three Red Fives: one in each suit
  • Multiple winners allowed
  • Tanyao (All Simples) must be concealed
  • No Kuigae: it is permissible to chow a tile and discard an identical tile from the hand.

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Tina Christensen