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Mahjong around the world

European Organizations

European Mahjong Association
European Mahjong Association

Österreichischer Mahjong Verband
Österreichischer Mahjong Verband

Fédération Française de Mah-Jong
Fédération Française de Mah-Jong

Deutsche Mah-Jongg Liga
Deutsche Mah-Jongg Liga

Magyar Mah-jong Szövetség
Magyar Mah-jong Szövetség

Associazione Italiana Mah Jong
Associazione Italiana Mah Jong

Associazione Italiana Mah Jong
Federazione Italiana Mah Jong

Nederlandse Mahjong Bond
Nederlandse Mahjong Bond

Other European sites

The Independent Internet
Mahjong Newspaper
The Independent Internet Mahjong Newspaper has everything: history, rules, events, the lastest mahjong news. A must for any serious mahjong player.

De Groene Draak
De Groene Draak: a mahjong club in Belgium.

Magic Mahjong Social Pung
Magic Mahjong Social Pung. A club in Paris.

Dear friends from France, here are the rules, history and symbolics of mahjong.

Jeu de Mah-Jongg
French java-based mahjong game.

A Dutch search engine.

De Gouden Draak
Dutch club. Has rules and other exciting stuff.

De Rode Draak
Dutch club. The pages are in Dutch and contain rules and a ratinglist.

De Drie Wijzen
De Die Wijzen. Dutch club.

De Negen Poorten
De Negen Poorten. Dutch club.

Nederlands Kampioenschap Riichi Mahjong
Official homepage of the Dutch riichi championship.

German mahjong portal with forum, player contact, info on the game and a shop.

Deutsche Mahjongg-Homepage
Covers the Classical Chinese rules which are widely used in Germnay.

An Italian club.

Mahjong in Spain

Spanish club.

Olaf & Jessicas Mah Jongsida
Walk through of the classic chinese rules. Has also a bit about the history of the game.

Rest of the world

China Majiang Championship and Forum
Info about the annual China Majiang Championship and Forum. At the 2005 forum the World Majiang Organization was founded.

Mahjong Museum
The Mahjong Museum in Tokyo.
The World of Mahjong Webring
+ + The dutch mahjong guru Martin Rep is webmaster for a mahjong netring. Good way to surf for mahjong knowledge. Take a trip around the world!

National Mah Jongg League
National Mah Jongg League. An American organization.

American Mah-jongg Association
+ Simple site with an order form and a small forum.

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