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Mahjong News
+ + + + Martin Rep keeps the mahjong world up to date with reports from around the world, but with a European focus. The Independent Internet Mahjong Newspaper has got it all: rules, history, forum, mall, game reviews and all the newest knowledge about mahjong. A must for all serious mahjong players.

The Maj Exchange
+ + + + Tom Slopers FAQ about mahjong has an answer to most mahjong questions. The site offers a weekly strategy column and a lot of bulletin boards for asking questions, finding players, buying and selling mahjong related items. A haven for mahjong players.

rec.games.mahjong on Google groups
+ + + This mahjong newsgroup is an excellent source of mahjong information; the archives are extensive.

Opdateret 2005-10-24
Tina Christensen