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The rules and history of mahjong

Please notice that, you can also find rules under Mahjong on the net, as these sites normally have the rules for their own game.
+ + + + Chinese Official Mahjong strategy is hard to come upon. Each week the site prowides a new start hand, you the have to choose what tile to throw away. Afterwards you can see what other people chose and why. Excellent forum. Four red dragons from us.

Mah Jong Museum
+ + + + An online museum for mahjong games and equipment. The site furthermore have rules for traditional Babcock, Taiwan 16-tiles and Sap Tim Pun. At the site there are several articles about mahjong, which gives the reader a lot of information about the history and symbolics of mahjong. This is one of the largest collections on the net of mahjong information, and the kan from us to them is absolutely well deserved.

Mahjong for Dummies
+ + + + Link of the month - December 2002
A fabulous walk through of the Japanese mahjong rules. Easy to understand for everyone.

International Mahjong
+ + + + A very thorough set of rules. IMJ seeks to gather this worlds mahjong players around one set of rules. The rules are close to Hong Kong Old Style, also called cantonesian mahjong.

The Norwegian Mah Jongg Site
+ + + Good source of informations about the history of mahjong. Has a very good collection af computer game reviews.

Gareth and Jane Saunders
+ + + Gareth and Jane Saunders' fantastic site, where you can find links to the rules you want. They have simply sorted all the rules you can find on the net, into categories of different rules. You can also find a little bit about mahjong history and strategy.

Kirsten Bjørneboe
+ + + Kirsten Bjørneboes pages about mahjong. Complete with rules for classical chinese and Hong Kong. Has as something unique 25 exercises, which are a good way to become faster in finding the last tile, in very complicated hands. Unfortunately only in danish.

The Mahjong Oracle
+ + + Fortunetelling in mahjong cards. The site has a lot of nice pictures of mahjong cards.

+ + Pratice the counting of points with the Official International Rules.

Mahjong kanji
+ + A site about why the chinese characters are the way they are. The page is by our Danish mahjong guru, Jesper Harder.

Annes Mah-Jongg-side
+ + Anne Jensen has done a very good site with rules for classical chinese mahjong.

The way we Mah Jongg ...
+ + Scoring system and special hands for Vanilla Western. By the way, this site is made of a dane, Morten Iversen.

Wai Ling Cheng
+ + A very thoroughly worked project. Contains informations about classic rules and the history of mahjong.

Mahjong 3 Fan For Dummies
+ + Rules for the three-fan-mahjong.

Nan's Mah Jong Notes
+ + Good walk through of the classic chinese rules.

How to Play Japanese Three-Player Mahjong
+ + Rules of Japanese mahjong for three players.

Korean Mahjong Rule
+ + Explains the rules for korean mahjong. The rules are special in the way they don't use the bamboo tiles. Well explained and with a couple of exercises.

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