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Mahjong News
Martin Rep keeps the mahjong world up to date with reports from around the world. The Independent Internet Mahjong Newspaper has got it all: rules, history, forum, and all the newest knowledge about mahjong and mahjong tournaments.

Sloperama's Mah-Jongg Zone
Tom Slopers FAQ about mahjong has an answer to most mahjong questions. The site offers a weekly strategy column and a lot of bulletin boards for asking questions, finding players, buying and selling mahjong related items. A haven for mahjong players.

Best English language resource for riichi mahjong - rules, strategy, discussions, columns, interviews, podcasts, coordinated online play.

Zeger de Jongs impressive, extensive, well-arranged and well-updated mahjong link collection. Highly recommended.

Play online:
MahjongTime - MCR, Riichi, Hong Kong

Sale online:
Mahjong Mart - Japanese sets
DAJA Mahjong

International Cultures of Mahjong - by Fulbright Fellow Benjamin Boas
JT's life snippets - analysis of MCR play sessions
Singapore Sparrows - analysis of MCR play sessions
Reach Mahjong Columns

rec.games.mahjong on google groups; the archives are extensive.
Reach Mahjong's Forum
The forum on Mahjong News

European Mahjong Association
Austria: Österreichischer Mahjong Verband
France: Fédération Française de Mah-Jong
Germany: Deutsche Mah-Jongg Liga
Hungary: Magyar Mah-jong Szövetség
Italy: Federazione Italiana Mah Jong
Netherlands: Nederlandse Mahjong Bond
Mahjong Espańa
Russian Mahjong Federation
Svenska Mahjongförbundet
China Majiang
USA: National Mah Jongg League
USA: American Mah-jongg Association

Belgium, Mechelen: De Groene Draak
Paris, France: Magic Mahjong Social Pung
Paris, France: Fleur d'orchidée
Netherlands: De Drie Wijzen
Murcia, Spain: 13 Huérfanos
Mahjong in Poland
Finnish site Mahjong-opas

British mahjong rules

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