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Most of our mahjong pictures are found under activities, where we have photos from many of our events. Here we bring some other pictures.

Roskilde Festival 2002

Mahjong can be played anywhere - even at Roskilde Festival. Here you see Tina Christensen (to the left), Jesper Harder (in the yellow chair), Jeppe Stig Nielsen (pointing) and Anders Labich (the monkey with the glasses) enjoying themselves.
Please note how easily you can construct a mahjong table out of two crates of Tuborg, two cases of Ceres Royal and some duct tape.
We bring the result of the two games here:
Game one
Anders Labich 0
Tina Christensen 44900
Jeppe Stig Nielsen -35300
Jesper Harder -9600
Game two
Anders Labich 40100
Tina Christensen -11200
Jeppe Stig Nielsen -20300
Jesper Harder -8600

Eight Immortals

There have been made several different paintings of the eight immortals playing mahjong. Below you see three paintings by different artists.

Opdateret 2009-09-16
Tina Christensen