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Fun with mahjong

You know you have been playing too much mahjong when...

... you find you're using the words 'pung' and 'kong' in place of 'three' and 'four'. ('See that kong of birds flying over there?!')

... you begin to believe the wall is a living creature with a sense of humor.

... you hear the chirping of sparrows when trying to fall asleep.

... you list all the special hands you've made on your résumé.

... your heart jumps whenever you hear someone say something beginning with 'ma...'.

... you're called up at midnight and asked to come play.

... you join a game at midnight.

... you're still playing at 6 a.m. and down by thousands of points.

... you're saying things like: "Anders Labich, you don't play enough mahjong.".

... you start compiling lists like this.

With thanks to Kejimajiangmi
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Opdateret 2003-05-26
Anders Labich