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MCR Aarhus Open 2012

  • Certified for the Mahjong Europe Ranking System (MERS 1)

Time: 18-19 February 2012

Place: Århus Bridgeklub, Vanggaardcentret, Paludan Müllersvej 26, 8200 Århus N

Registration: Send an email to Anders Labich, labich@hotmail.com, with: Name, Country and EMA ID. Registration deadline: February 7th
If you don't have an EMA ID, don't worry, just say so and we will get you one, if applicable.

Registration fee: DKK 250 (€ 35).
The fee covers the two lunches and buffet Saturday evening, coffee, tea.
No pre-payment, you pay on-site.

We will serve lunch, coffee and tea. Beer and soft drinks will be for sale.

There will be a Chinese buffet Saturday evening.

Rules: Mahjong Competition Rules

Tournament rules:
Seven sessions of 120 minutes are played.
Table winners are awarded 4 points, 2 points go to number 2 and 1 point to number three at each table.

Individual prizes for the 3 highest ranked players.

Travelling to Aarhus:
If you fly to Copenhagen, there are trains every hour to Aarhus. The train trip is about 3 hrs and cost is about 500-600 DKK.
If you are considering a trip via Copenhagen, contact tina@mahjong.dk since many Copenhagen players are going on the train, and we can coordinate and go together: benefits: cheaper train tickets and people to play mahjong with on the train.

Staying in Aarhus:
City Sleep In Aarhus
Cab Inn Aarhus Hotel
Get In Jens Baggesensvej 43 (200 m. from the venue)

Any questions? Contact Labich: labich@hotmail.com or +45 2868 6575

Time schedule:

09:30-10:00Registration and welcome
10:00-12:001st round
12:30-14:302nd round
14:30-14:4515 minutes break
14:45-16:453rd round
16:45-17:0015 minutes break
17:00-19:004th round
19:00-??:??Dinner and social playing (and drinking)
09:30-11:305th round
12:15-14:156th round
14:15-14:3015 minutes break
14:30-16:307th round
16:30-17:00Awards ceremony

Referees: TBA


  1. Henrik Nielsen, Denmark, EMA03000041
  2. Morten Andersen, Denmark, EMA03000051
  3. Freddy Christiansen, Denmark, EMA03000049
  4. Jesper Willemoes Hansen, Denmark, EMA03000082
  5. Kim Iversen, Denmark, EMA03000123
  6. Tina Christensen, Denmark, EMA03000003
  7. Shi Hua Chen Kold, Denmark, EMA03000140
  8. Frank Rostved, Denmark, EMA3000148
  9. Sune Gjeding Thomsen, Denmark
  10. Isabel Steenholm
  11. Lars Therkelsen
  12. Anders Labich
  13. Li Yan
  14. Niccolo Poulsen
  15. Torben Dalum
  16. Martin Faartoft

Opdateret 2012-02-22
Tina Christensen