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MCR Aarhus Open 2011

Winners: Runner-up Freddy Christiansen, Winner Martin Faartoft, Third: Lars Therkelsen.

Just 12 players.

Tina is East, and her first discard is white. Bell: "Pung". Martin is North and his first discard is Red. Bell: "Pung". Martin's second discard is Green. Bell: "Pung". Now Henrik gets to pick his first tile.

Now Bell gets to pick her first tile ... Bell: "HU!"

Big Three Dragons - Selfpicked on her first pick from the wall.

Big Three Dragons: 88 Half Flush: 6 Self Pick: 1 Single Wait: 1 Total: 96 Score 3 x (96+8) = 312


Opdateret 2011-02-09
Tina Christensen