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MCR Copenhagen Open 2007

  • Certified for the Mahjong Europe Ranking System (1 MERS point)
  • Qualification competition for Danish players for OEMC 2007 and for OEMC 2009

Time: Saturday April 21st 2007, 10:30am to 10pm

Place: Royal Palace, Nørregade 28, Copenhagen.

Registration: email tina@mahjong.dk before March 22nd.

Registration fee: dkk 150 or €20. To be payed on the morning of the tournament. Lunch buffet is included.

Rules: Mahjong Competition Rules

Tournament rules:
Four rounds of 120 minutes are played.
Table winners are awarded 4 points, 2 points go to number 2 and 1 point to number three at each table.
There will be a team competition. Send the name of your team of four to Tina. Remaining players will be placed into teams by the organizers.

About the restaurant: Chinese restaurant, Royal Palace, Nørregade 28.
Expect prices of drinks about 32-39 dkk (4-5€). Lunch buffet is included in the registration fee. For dinner we recommend either:

  • 3-hour buffet with free drinks ad libitum: dkk 189
  • Buffet: dkk 108
You don't have to order or pay in advance.

Staying in Copenhagen:
Hotel Nebo. Fairly cheap and very central, just by the central station (which is 13 minutes train ride from CPH airport). I should maybe warn you that it is in the red light district.
Danhostel. Fairly cheap and very central.
Hotel Jørgensen. Cosy, central and cheap if you share a room.
More hotels can be found on aok.dk or Wonderful Copenhagen.

Parking in Copenhagen: is a nightmare, but free in the evening and the weekend.
Copenhagen parking for tourists
Parking Guide brochure

Join Mahjong Denmark's Thursday session: If you feel like coming early to Copenhagen, be advised that we play mahjong every Thursday at Cafe Fata Morgana, Borups Plads 26, Copenhagen, from 6:30pm and onwards. Many arrive around 5:30pm to have dinner first. Please notify Tina beforehand (also if you just want to play and don't want dinner) so that I can reserve tables, and so that I can send you directions to find the cafe from your hotel.

Mahjong Friday evening: We'll be playing again Friday at Fata Morgana from 18.30 onwards.

Any questions? Contact Tina: tina@mahjong.dk or +45 2125 9153

Preliminary time schedule:

11:00-13:00Session 1
13:00-13:3030 min. break
13:30-15:30Session 2
15:30-15:4515 min. break
15:45-17:45Session 3
17:45-18:0015 min. break
18:00-20:00Session 4
20:00-22:00Dinner and Prizes


  1. Tina Christensen (DK)
  2. Morten Andersen (DK)
  3. Uwe Martens (D)
  4. Freddy Christiansen (DK)
  5. Henrik Leth (DK)
  6. Anders Labich (DK)
  7. Anton Kösters (NL)
  8. Lars Therkelsen (DK)
  9. Thomas Kragh (DK)
  10. Brian Krog (DK)
  11. Henrik Krogh Nielsen (DK)
  12. Harry Kal (NL)
  13. Martin Wedel Jacobsen (DK)
  14. Lena Smith (DK)
  15. Sune Gjeding Thomsen (DK)
  16. Pascal Balorin (FRA)
  17. Juho Pakarinen (FIN)
  18. Topi Musto (FIN)
  19. Robert B. Jensen (DK)
  20. Claes Schütt (DK)
  21. Sune Korreman (DK)
  22. Jeppe Stig Nielsen (DK)
  23. Jesper Willemoes Hansen (DK)
  24. Camilla Dalsgaard (DK)

Opdateret 2007-04-22
Tina Christensen