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OIR Aarhus Open 2006

Winner of OIR Århus Open 2006: Jeppe Stig Nielsen.

Anton Kösters from the Netherlands won second prize.

Third was Brian Krog.

Quiz winner: Tina.

From left: Morten, Martin, Susanne, Jacob.

From left: Frauke, Helge, Robert, Jeppe.

From left: Hanne, Sune G.T., Mikkel, Henrik L.

From left: Anton, Jesper, Ronni, Brian

From left: Sune K., Lars, Tina, Henrik K.N.

13 Orphans: Selfdrawn by Martin on the 1 bamboo tile. Selfdraw was his only chance of completing the hand, since on the left Morten is waiting for 1 or 4 bamboo for three concealed pungs, or four concealed pungs in case of selfdraw. The competition also saw several dragon hands.





The prizes.

Overview during prize ceremony.

Jeppe and Anton after the tournament.

Opdateret 2006-12-15
Tina Christensen