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Open European Mahjong Championship 2005, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Congratulations to Sune Korreman who came fifth and won the prize for Best European. The prize is awarded by Dragon Chang who donated the beautiful carvings.

Denmark received the prize for third best country after indefeasible Japan and China. Competition was tough, especially from Italy, but after an excellent last round where the 12 Danes won a total of 29 points, the victory was secured. (Points were awarded 4-2-1-0 at each table).

Time: 24-26 June 2005

Place: Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Participation: 100 €. 108 persons.

Rules: Official International Rules. Enacted by China State Sports Commission. Used at the World Championship in Mahjong, Tokyo, Japan, 2002.

Organization: Dutch EC Team and Dutch Mahjong League.

Language: The official language shall be English. Note, it is not compulsory to name discarded tiles. Discarded tiles are displayed in rows in front of the players.

Tournament: During two days seven rounds will be played, each 90 minutes. During these rounds all winds will be played unless the players run out of time.

During the OEMC 2005 the European Mahjong Association was founded. President is Uwe Martens, Germany.

Danish participants 2005

  • Anders Labich - as referee
  • Thomas Kragh
  • Allan Rasmusson
  • Tina Christensen
  • Sune Korreman
  • Henrik Leth
  • Morten Andersen
  • Jesper Willemoes Hansen
  • Martin Wedel Jacobsen
  • Helge Møller Pedersen
  • Brian Krog
  • Jeppe Stig Nielsen
  • Lars Therkelsen

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Tina Christensen