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Danish Riichi Championship 2010

Time: June 19th and 20th 2010

Place: Århus Bridgeklub, Vanggaardcentret, Paludan Müllersvej 26, 8200 Århus N.
If you use the above link, the entrance is the white door in the corner just behind the big blue van.
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Registration: Via email to Anders Labich at labich@hotmail.com. Please include following info: Name, Country, EMA-ID (can be found here: EMA rankings PDF-file). Deadline: June 1st.

Registration fee: 250 DKK or 35€
Includes: Lunch Saturday and Sunday, dinner Saturday evening, fruit, tea and coffee. Soft drinks and beverages will be on sale at the venue.
Pay on-site.
Guests can join the dinner and lunches for a mere 130 DKK or 20€.

Rules: Riichi Competition Rules as defined by EMA.

Tournament rules: 8 sessions of 90 minutes will be played, uma will be awarded as defined by the rules above.
Depending on the number of players, there might be a team competition.
Ranking will be defined by the accumulated score. Tie-breaking procedure is as follows:

  1. Best total score in common games (only individual rank)
  2. Best score in a single round (teams count the total score)
  3. 2nd best score in a single round
  4. 3rd best ... and so on
  5. Coin toss

Prizes: Individual prizes for the three highest ranked players. Team prize for the highest ranked team.

Staying in Aarhus: City Sleep In Aarhus
Cab Inn Aarhus Hotel
Other hotels in Århus

Questions: For further information please contact Anders Labich via email: labich@hotmail.com or via phone: +45 2868 6575.

Time schedule:

11:30-13:001st round
13:45-15:152nd round
15:15-15:3015 minutes break
15:30-17:003rd round
17:00-17:1515 minutes break
17:15-18:454th round
18:45-??:??Dinner and social playing (and drinking)
09:00-10:305th round
10:30-10:4515 minutes break
10:45-12:156th round
13:00-14:307th round
14:30-14:4515 minutes break
14:45-16:158th round
16:15-16:3015 minutes break
16:30-17:00Award ceremony

Referee Henrik Nielsen


  1. Morten Andersen
  2. Tina Christensen
  3. Claes Schütt
  4. Jeppe Stig Nielsen
  5. Brian Thuborg
  6. Anders Labich
  7. Torben Dalum
  8. Jesper Willemoes Hansen
  9. Frank Rostved
  10. Kim Iversen
  11. Herik Leth
  12. Brian Krog
  13. Martin Faartoft
  14. Robert Bonde Jensen
  15. Sune Gjeding Thomsen
  16. Thomas Kragh

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Anders Labich