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Riichi Open Danish Championship 2003

Saturday February 15th 2003 Mahjong Danmark arranges the Open Danish Championship in Riichi 2003. Everybody are welcome, young as old. We will play by the usual Japanese riichi rules.


  • 11:30 Qualification rounds start
  • ca. 20:30 Qualification rounds end
  • ca. 21:00 Final starts
  • End


Changes might occur
Registration fee: 30 dkk
Dinner: 45 dkk
Beer, pilsner/strong: 10/12 dkk
Soft drink: 8 dkk
Sandwich: 10 dkk
Coffee/tea: free


Deadline Mondag February 10th, 2003, 7pm
Via email to Anders Labich labich@mahjong.dk or via telephone to Brian Krog at +45 8250 7383

Last year's champion

Aslak Lindballe



Tournament will be moved to:
Vandrehalen at Matematisk Institut
Aarhus Universitet
Ny Munkegade, build. 530 (a1)
8000 Aarhus C

Opdateret 2004-03-05
Tina Christensen