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MCR Open Danish Mahjong Championship 2020

  • Mahjong Europe Ranking System certification pending

Time: May 22-24, 2020

Place: Haraldsgade 69, Copenhagen. See map.

Registration: via email to Morten Andersen: muyten@gmail.com.
Deadline: April 23
Note: Max. number of participants is 80.

Include info on:

  1. Tournament name: MCR Open Danish Mahjong Championship 2020
  2. Name and country
  3. EMA ID if applicable. Find your ID on the European ranking lists.
  4. Your team (info may be supplied later)
  5. In case you have a special diet (vegetarian, allergies, etc), please let us know.

Registration fee:
Tournament: DKK 500 (corresponds to 67€). Includes: lunch, snacks, coffee and tea.
No pre-payment, you pay on-site. Payment in DKK!

Rules: Mahjong Competition Rules

Tournament rules:
Eleven sessions of 120 minutes are played. After 115 minutes a gong will sound and the current hand is finished. A hand has begun if the walls are built and the dice have been thrown at least once.
Table winners are awarded 4 points, 2 points go to number 2 and 1 point to number three at each table.

Team competition:
There will be a team competition: Each player is part of a team of four players whose individual results are added. Send the name of your team of four via email to Morten muyten@gmail.com. Remaining players will be placed into teams by the organizers.

Individual prizes for the 3 highest ranked players. Team prize for the Best Team. If there are more than 12 teams (48 competitors), there will be Team Prizes for the top three teams.

Tea, coffee, snacks and lunch are included in the registration fee.
At the play venue soft drinks, beer and wine will be on sale for non-profit prices. Expected price per item: 6 dkk (about 80 eurocent). At the lunch restaurant, drinks are available at restaurant prices.

No joint dinners are planned at this point.

Join Mahjong Denmark's Thursday session on Ascension Day: If you feel like coming early to Copenhagen, be advised that we play mahjong every Thursday at Haraldsgade 69, Copenhagen. Doors will be open from 4pm onwards on May 21st.

Time schedule:
Time Thursday May 21
16:00 Doors open
16:00-22:00Social Play

Time Friday May 22
08:00-08:30 Registration
08:45 Welcome
9:00-11:00Session 1
11:20-13:20Session 2
14:20-16:20Session 3
16:40-18:40Session 4

Time Saturday May 23
08:30 Doors open
9:00-11:00Session 5
11:20-13:20Session 6
14:20-16:20Session 7
16:40-18:40Session 8

Time Sunday May 24
08:30 Doors open
9:00-11:00Session 9
11:20-13:20Session 10
14:20-16:20Session 11
16:45-17:00Award ceremony

EMA Observer: tba

Referees: tba


    Wake Up:
  1. NL 08010412 - Pauline van der Linden
  2. NL 08010411 - Ad van der Linden
  3. NL 08010028 - Eveline Broers
  4. NL 08010003 - Gerda van Oorschot
  5. --
  6. DK 03000003 - Tina Christensen
  7. DK 03000149 - Isabel Bahiano Steenholm
  8. DK 03000140 - Shi Hua Chen Kold
  9. DK 03000123 - Kim Iversen
  10. DK 03000107 - Martin W. Jacobsen
  11. FR 04090080 - Cédric Aguerre
  12. FR 04090008 - Simon Fongue
  13. FR 04040036 - Christiane D'Angelo
  14. FR 04090024 - Annie Manzo
  15. FR 04090025 - Bruno Manzo
  16. FR 04040205 - Jili Pfeiffer
  17. FR 04990062 - Matthieu Pfeiffer
  18. FR 04040058 - Christophe Lefebvre
  19. FR 04040238 - Fabien Gaucher
  20. FR 04040105 - Anthony Ea
  21. FR 04090055 - Marion Hoarau
  22. NL 08010039 - Anton Kösters
  23. NL 08010052 - Yvonne van der Heide
  24. NL 08010731 - Sandra van Wijngaarden
  25. IT 07000018 - Marco Montebelli
  26. IT 07000001 - Luca Gavelli
  27. IT 07000109 - Miria Martelli
  28. DE05100143 - Wei Chen
  29. DE05100173 - Hongyang Qin
  30. DE 05100153 - Timur Hahn
  31. CH16000011 - Gérard Hêche
  32. CH16000007 - Frédéric Chassot
  33. SE 09990008 - Moa Henriët
  34. SE 09990044 - Petter Ranefall
  35. SE 09990045 - Annika Ridell
  36. SE 09990088 - Emma Fahlström
  37. SE 09990114 - Kim Johansson
  38. SE 09990112 - Bibbi Zhang

Staying in Copenhagen:

Local transportation in Copenhagen:

Closest bus stop is Haraldsgade/Lersø Parkalle right by the venue.
A new metro line has opened; the nearest station is Vibenshus Runddel 600 m from the venue
Use Journey planner to find an appropriate connection.

You can buy single-ride tickets on train platforms or from the bus driver. The same tickets are valid in both Metro, busses and trains, and as long as you stay within the time limit you can change between these. These are farily expensive: DKK 24 in the city, DKK 36 between airport and city. The old "klippekort" multiride tickets are no longer available.

Download the mobile app 'Mobilbilletter' for local tickets in and around Copenhagen. Choose English as the language in the app.

Another option is to buy a Rejsekort Anonymous. This type of travel card does not require an address or any personal details. The card costs DKK 80 (the card price is non-refundable). Please note that you must expect to add DKK 170 to the balance to cover the cost of travel. You can buy Rejsekort Anonymous at the rejsekort vending machines placed at every metro station, at Copenhagen Airport and at Copenhagen Central Station.
More info on Rejsekort ("Travel Card") and how to use it.

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