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Duplicate Mahjong event 6 May 2016

We are proud to announce the opportunity to participate in a small tournament of Duplicate Mahjong!

Duplicate Mahjong Event, Friday May 6, 20:30 - 23:00

16 participants (4 teams). As a starting point, we are open for 2 participants from each country (except Denmark and China, who will organise the event). We expect to play eight hands (East and South wind).

By signing up you agree to allow photos and video recording of you during the event to be used to promote mahjong and Duplicate Mahjong.

Duplicate Mahjong

Duplicate Mahjong is a concept inspired by Contract Bridge with the purpose to remove the luck element of mahjong, which is a requirement for membership of the International Mind Sport Association (IMSA).

Each team has a team member at each of the four tables. Each team has one player in East position, one player in South etc.

The tiles are duplicated at the tables so that when players play the first hand in East (E1), the tiles in the walls are positioned in the same way, so that when E1 is played at the next table, the East player has the same starting hand as East had before at the other table.

The tiles are not pre-set, but are mixed by the players and then duplicated at the other tables. Waiting time is very limited, because players will not play the hands in the same order. So when one table is playing E1, the next table may be playing E2, the third table E3 and the fourth E4. When they are done, the tiles rotate and the next hand can be played.

Each team has a team member at each of the four tables. Each team has one player in East position, one player in South etc. The player in East compares his score with the three players seated East at the other three tables, and similar for South, West and North.

After each hand the scores of the team members are added. The whole exercise means that the efforts of the player teams can be directly compared. Together the four team mates have played with exactly the same tiles as all the other teams.

The game play uses MCR rules, but could also use other rule sets.

Duplicate Mahjong is introduced by MIL - Mahjong International League in order to sportify mahjong and make it eligible for membership in IMSA. IMSA is a very strong platform for promotion of mahjong as a mind sport. For this to succeed all national organisations are strongly encouraged to sign up for MIL membership.

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Interested players

  1. CH - Mei Hwa Felder
  2. DE - Frauke Roos
  3. DE - Axel Eschenburg
  4. DE - Robert Müller
  5. ES - José Moreno Merino
  6. FR - Fred Petit
  7. FR - David Jourdain
  8. IT - Alessia Cosmo
  9. IT - Marco Montobelli
  10. NL - Marjan van den Nieuwendijk
  11. NL - Oscar van den Nieuwendijk
  12. RU - Anna Shpilman
  13. SE - Annika Ridell
  14. SE - Petter Ranefall
  15. SE - Moa Henriët

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