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MCR Open Danish Mahjong Championship 2010

  • Certified for the Mahjong Europe Ranking System (MERS 2)
  • Qualification competition for Danish players for OEMC 2011
  • Qualification competition for Danish players for WMC 2012 (TBC)

Time: May 15-16 2010

Place: Børnehuset Colombus, Rejsbygade 8A, Copenhagen V
This is close to Enghave Plads, and 1 km distance from Copenhagen Central Station.
See map

Registration: via email to tina@mahjong.dk. Deadline: April 28.
Include info on:

  1. Name and country
  2. EMA ID, if you're from Europe. Find your ID on the European ranking lists
  3. In case you have a special diet (vegetarian, allergies, etc), please let us know.

Registration fee: DKK 200 (EUR 27).
Includes: lunch, coffee and tea.
No pre-payment, you pay on-site. The tournament fee includes coffee, tea, lunch, snacks.

Rules: Mahjong Competition Rules

Tournament rules:
Six sessions of 120 minutes are played.
Table winners are awarded 4 points, 2 points go to number 2 and 1 point to number three at each table.

Team competition:
There will be a team competition: Each player is part of a team of four players whose individual results are added. Send the name of your team of four to Tina. Remaining players will be placed into teams by the organizers.

Individual prizes for the 3 highest ranked players. Team prize for the Best Team. If there are more than 12 teams (48 competitors), there will be Team Prizes for the top three teams.

Tea, coffee, snacks and lunch are included in the registration fee. Soft drinks, beer and wine will be for sale.

Staying in Copenhagen:
Hotel Nebo. Cheap and central, just by the central station (which is 13 minutes train ride from CPH airport). Note, there's no Metro stop at the Central station, only ordinary trains. The hotel is about 1 km from the venue.
Wake Up Copenhagen. Brand new and low priced. The hotel is about 1 km from the venue.
Hotel Jørgensen. Cosy, cheap and central, just by Nørreport station, the Metro goes directly from CPH airport in 14 minutes. The hotel is about 2.5 km from the venue.
Danhostel. Cheap and basic.The hostel is about 2.5 km from the venue.
More hotels can be found on Wonderful Copenhagen.

Friday May 14, 20-23 hrs. Registration, Drawing Lots, Drinks and Social Playing. Place: Børnehuset Colombus, Rejsbygade 8A, Copenhagen V

Join Mahjong Denmark's Thursday session: If you feel like coming early to Copenhagen, be advised that we play mahjong every Thursday at Cafe Fata Morgana, Borups Plads 26, Copenhagen. Thursday May 13 is a day off, so we play already from 14 hrs onwards.
See map.

Any questions? Contact Tina: tina@mahjong.dk or +45 2125 9153

Time schedule:

Time Friday May 14
20:00-21:00Registration & Drawing Lots
21:00-23:00Drinks & Social Play

Time Saturday May 15
09:45-10:00 Welcome
10:00-12:00Session 1
13:00-15:00Session 2
15:20-17:20Session 3
17:40-19:40Session 4

Time Sunday May 16
09:30 Doors open
10:00-12:00Session 5
13:00-15:00Session 6
15:15-15:45Award ceremony

EMA Observer: Olivier Boivin

Referee: Anders Labich (Head), Morten Andersen/Tina Christensen (assisting)


    Four Concealed Flowers:
  1. Anton Kösters (NED), EMA 08010039
  2. Bo Lang (SUI), EMA 16000002
  3. Frédérique Grondin (FRA), EMA 04030023
  4. Joël Ratsimandresy (FRA), EMA 04040057

  5. No Piaf:
  6. Emma Guenel (FRA), EMA 04040007
  7. Sandra Bondoin (FRA), EMA 04040047
  8. Christiane D'Angelo (FRA), EMA 04040036
  9. Jérôme Bonifas (FRA), EMA 04040011

  10. French Revenge:
  11. Olivier Boivin (FRA), EMA 04040010
  12. Benoît Messi-Fouda (FRA), EMA 04040026
  13. Lionel Legaie (FRA), EMA 04040034
  14. Nathalie Mahé (FRA), EMA 04040006

  15. All Types Single Wait:
  16. Jeppe Stig Nielsen (DEN), EMA 03000005
  17. Jesper Willemoes Hansen (DEN), EMA 03000082
  18. Henrik Leth (DEN), EMA 03000022
  19. Isabel Bahiano Steenholm (DEN), EMA 03000149

  20. The FabHulous 4!:
  21. Karin Andersson (DEN), EMA 03000150
  22. Frank Rostved (DEN), EMA 03000148
  23. Martin Faartoft (DEN), EMA 03000163
  24. Sheila Hansen (DEN), EMA 03000156

  25. The 4 Dutchies:
  26. Harry Kal (NED), EMA 08010128
  27. John Kuijpers (NED), EMA 08010351
  28. Els Kuijpers (NED), EMA 08010350
  29. Dimphy van Grinsven (NED), EMA 08010168

  30. The German-Dutch Alliance:
  31. Nadine König (GER), EMA 05900002
  32. Michael Zahradnik (GER), EMA 05900003
  33. Frauke Roos (GER), EMA 05100023
  34. Hans van der Poel (NED), EMA 08010051

  35. Team Aarhus:
  36. Henrik Krogh Nielsen (DEN), EMA 03000041
  37. Lars Therkelsen (DEN), EMA 03000126
  38. Torben Dalum (DEN), EMA 03000165
  39. Brian Thuborg Madsen (DEN), EMA 03000171

  40. Freddy and the French Connection:
  41. Freddy Christiansen (DEN), EMA 03000049
  42. Apolline Draux (FRA), EMA 04090035
  43. Morten Andersen (DEN), EMA 03000051
  44. Simon Fongue (FRA), EMA 04090008

  45. French Fighters:
  46. Christophe Lefebvre (FRA), EMA 04040058
  47. Jérôme Sahal (FRA), EMA 04040017
  48. Lucas Delvalle (FRA), EMA 04090022
  49. Anthony Ea (FRA), EMA 04040105

  50. Tile Huggers:
  51. Camilla Dalsgaard (DEN), EMA 03000118
  52. Robert B. Jensen (DEN), EMA 03000057
  53. Kim Iversen (DEN), EMA 03000123
  54. Martin W. Jacobsen (DEN), EMA 03000107

  55. Team Øresund:
  56. Brian Krog (DEN), EMA 03000025
  57. Sam Wenell (SWE), EMA 09990015
  58. Erik Leijonmarck (SWE), EMA 09990017
  59. Emelie Östman (SWE), EMA 09990009

  60. Substitute players:
  61. Shi Hua Chen Kold (DEN), EMA 03000140

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