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Open Danish Mahjong Championship by Official International Rules 2006

  • Certified for the Mahjong Europe Ranking System (MERS)
  • Qualification competition for Danish players for OEMC 2007

Time: Saturday April 29th 2006, 10:30am to 10pm

Place: Cafe Gokken og Kokken, Nřrrebrogade 114, Copenhagen

Registration: closed.

Registration fee: 150 dkk or 20 € to be payed on the morning of the tournament.
Includes dinner, but no drinks.

Rules: Official International Rules as enacted by the Chinese State Sports Commission

Tournament rules:
Five rounds of 90 minutes are played.
Table winners are awarded 4 points, 2 points go to number 2 and 1 point to number three at each table.
There will be a team competition. Send the name of your team of four to Tina. Remaining players will be placed into teams by the organizers.

About the café:
Expect prices of drinks about 27 dkk (3.5 €). Lunches available from 35-90 dkk (5-12 €). Bring cash, the café does not accept foreign credit cards. We advice you to pre-order lunch before the second round of playing if you wish to have lunch at the café.

Staying in Copenhagen:
Hotel Nebo. Fairly cheap and very central, just by the central station (which is 13 minutes train ride from CPH airport). I should maybe warn you that it is in the red light district.
Danhostel. Fairly cheap and very central.
Hotel Jřrgensen. Cosy, central and cheap if you share a room.
More hotels can be found on aok.dk or Wonderful Copenhagen.

Parking in Copenhagen: is a nightmare, but free in the evening and the weekend.
Copenhagen parking for tourists
Parking Guide brochure

Join Mahjong Denmark's Thursday session: If you feel like coming early to Copenhagen, be advised that we play mahjong every Thursday at Cafe Fata Morgana, Borups Plads 26, Copenhagen from 6:30pm and onwards. Many arrive around 5:30pm to have dinner first. Please notify Tina beforehand (also if you just want to play and don't want dinner) so that I can reserve tables, and so that I can send you directions to find the cafe from your hotel.

Any questions? Contact Tina: tina@mahjong.dk or +45 2125 9153

Time schedule:

11:00-12:30Round 1
12:30-12:4515 min. break
12:45-14:15Round 2
14:15-14:4530 min. break
14:45-16:15Round 3
16:15-16:3015 min. break
16:30-18:00Round 4
18:00-18:1515 min. break
18:15-19:45Round 5
20:00-22:00Dinner and Prizes


  1. Sune Korreman (DK) - Copenhagen A
  2. Henrik Leth (DK) - Copenhagen A
  3. Martin Wedel Jacobsen (DK) - Copenhagen A
  4. Lars Nikolajsen (DK) - Copenhagen A

  5. Danni Luong (DK) - Copenhagen B
  6. Lena Smith (DK) - Copenhagen B
  7. Robert B. Jensen (DK) - Copenhagen B
  8. Shi Hua Chen (DK) - Copenhagen B

  9. Lars Therkelsen (DK) - Aarhus
  10. Helge Mřller Pedersen (DK) - Aarhus
  11. Brian Krog (DK) - Aarhus
  12. Henrik Krogh Nielsen (DK) - Aarhus

  13. Laurent Mahé (F) - Franco-Danish
  14. Benoît Messi-Fouda (F) - Franco-Danish
  15. Anders Labich (DK) - defending champion - Franco-Danish
  16. Jesper Willemoes Hansen (DK) - Franco-Danish

  17. Uwe Martens (D) - German-Danish
  18. Frauke Roos (D) - German-Danish
  19. Freddy Christiansen (DK) - German-Danish
  20. Morten Andersen (DK) - German-Danish

  21. Per Starbäck (SE) - Scandinavian
  22. Eva Pettersson (SE) - Scandinavian
  23. Jeppe Stig Nielsen (DK) - Scandinavian
  24. Claes Schütt (DK) - Scandinavian

  25. Harry Kal (NL) - Dutch-Danish
  26. Anton Kösters (NL) - Dutch-Danish
  27. Sandra van de Berkt (NL) - Dutch-Danish
  28. Jacob Johannsen (DK) - Dutch-Danish

  29. Marianne Croeze (NL) - Rotterdamned
  30. Jaap Croeze (NL) - Rotterdamned
  31. Désirée Heemskerk (NL) - Rotterdamned
  32. Janco Onnink (NL) - Rotterdamned

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Tina Christensen