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Open Danish Mahjong Championship of Official Chinese Mahjong 2005

Saturday May 7th 2005 the Open Danish Mahjong Championship of Official Chinese Mahjong 2005 took place.

Place: Copenhagen. Cafe Fata Morgana, Borups Plads 26.

Rules: Official International Rules as enacted by the Chinese State Sports Commission.

Time schedule:

11:15-11:30Info incl. presentation of tournament rules.
11:30-13:00Round 1
13:00-13:1515 min. break
13:15-14:45Round 2
14:45-15:1530 min. break
15:15-16:45Round 3
16:45-17:0015 min. break
17:00-18:30Round 4
18:30-19:30Dinner break
19:30-21:00Round 5
21:00-21:1515 min. break
21:15-22:45Round 6
23:00Prizes and OEMC qualification announcements

Tournament rules:
Rounds are 90 minutes. As many hands as possible are played. After 90 minutes no new hands can begin, but current hands will be finished. A hand begins when the dice are thrown (after the walls are built).

Table winners are awarded 4 points, 2 points go to number 2 and 1 point to number three at each table.

The first five rounds are played by a predeterminded schedule ensuring new opponents in every round. In the last round participants will be placed according to their current rank in the tournament: the four leading players will play against each other and so on.

Opdateret 2005-05-09
Tina Christensen