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Riichi Copenhagen Open 2023

Time: Saturday February 4th, 2023

Place: Sigynsgade 48-50, Copenhagen, pass through the iron gate and the entrance is to your left. See picture to find venue

Registration: via email to muyten@gmail.com
Deadline: January 16th
Note: Max. number of participants is 28.

Include info on:

  1. Name of the tournament: Riichi Copenhagen Open 2023
  2. Name and country
  3. In case you have a special diet (vegetarian, allergies, etc), please let us know.

Registration fee: 200 DKK
Includes: lunch, snacks coffee and tea.
No pre-payment, you pay on-site. (cash or mobilepay)

Rules: Riichi, EMA riichi rules

Tournament rules
A gong sounds after 75 minutes, and the current hand and one more hand is played. If a full game (two winds) is played, the game stops immediately.

Individual prizes for the 3 highest ranked players.

Tea, coffee, snacks and lunch are included in the registration fee.
A limited amount of free drinks are also included.
Lunch will be a simple build-your-own sandwich concept.

Time schedule

Saturday, 4th February
09:45-11:151st Session
11:15-11:3015 min break
11:30-13:002nd Session
13:45-15:153rd Session
15:15-15:3015 minutes break
15:30-17:004th Session
17:00-17:1515 minutes break
17:15-18:455th Session

Referee: TBA


  1. FR 04040057 - Joël Ratsimandresy
  2. DE 05100182 - Ken Nico Schultheiss
  3. DK 03000051 - Morten Andersen

Staying in Copenhagen

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