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Riichi Copenhagen Open 2005

Saturday October 22nd 2005 a tournament in modern Japanese mahjong, Riichi, was organized by Mahjong Denmark.

Place: Copenhagen. Temple Bar, Nørrebrogade 48
This is 2 km from the Town Hall (Rådhuspladsen), on Nørrebrogade it is located close to the cross street Elmegade.
See map. (On the page you get to: click on "Kort", the top link in the menu on the right)

Rules: Riichi. We have a summary sheet with the most important rules in riichi mahjong.


12:00Temple Bar opens, specially for us at 12 o'clock
12:30Latest payment of registration fee
12:30Info about the tournament.
12:45First round begins
14:00Second round begins
15:30Third round begins
16:45Fourth round begins
18:00Break (Dinner)
19:00Fifth round begins
20:15Sixth round begins
21:40Award ceremony

Tournament rules summary:

We will play a total of six rounds. The first four rounds will be played after a predetermined schedule, ensuring new opponents in every round. In the last two rounds participants will be placed according to their current rank in the tournament: the four leading players will play against each other and so on.

The rounds are played on time: after 55 minutes you can not start a new game; likewise if you finish the full game (2 winds) before time. We will play with the normal rules regarding the rotation of the dealer.

Note that the number and length of rounds may change depending on the number of participants.


  • Désirée Heemskerk (NL)
  • Ingrid Broeder (NL)
  • José Kniest (NL)
  • Janco Onnink (NL)

  • Harry Kal (NL)
  • Hans van der Poel (NL)
  • Tina Christensen
  • Freddy Christiansen

  • Thomas Kragh
  • Allan Rasmusson
  • Lars Therkelsen
  • Henrik Leth

  • Robert B. Jensen
  • Jesper Willemoes Hansen
  • Claes Schütt
  • Camilla Dalsgaard

  • Henrik Krogh Nielsen
  • Jeppe Stig Nielsen
  • Martin W. Jacobsen
  • Kim Iversen

  • Morten Andersen - official
  • Anders Labich - official

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Tina Christensen